Yeast - Reference Chromosome V


Complete DNA sequence of yeast chromosome V


Nature 387 (suppl.) 78-81 (1997)

Complete nucleotide sequence of Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome V

F. S. Dietrich*, J. Mulligan*, K. Hennessy, M. A. Yelton*, E. Allen, R. Araujo, E. Aviles, A. Berno, T. Brennan, J. Carpenter, E. Chen, J. M. Cherry, E. Chung, M. Duncan, E. Guzman, G. Hartzell, S. Hunicke-Smith, R. W. Hyman, A. Kayser, C. Komp, D. Lashkari, H. Lew, D. Lin, D. Mosedale, K. Nakahara, A. Namath, R. Norgren, P. Oefner, C. Oh, F. X. Petel, D. Roberts, P. Sehl, S. Schramm, T. Shogren, V. Smith, P. Taylor, Y. Wei, D. Botstein & R. W. Davis

Stanford DNA Sequencing and Technology Center, 855 California Avenue, Palo Alto, California 94304 and Departments of Biochemistry and Genetics, Stanford University Medical School, Stanford, California 94305, USA

*These authors were in charge of the project at different times during the study.


Here we report the sequence of 569,202 base pairs of Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome V. Analysis of the sequence revealed a centromere, two telomeres and 271 open reading frames (ORFs) plus 13 tRNAs and four small nuclear RNAs. There are two Ty1 transposable elements, each of which contains an ORF (included in the count of 271). Of the ORFs, 78 (29%) are new, 81 (30%) have potential homologues in the public databases, and 112 (41%) are previously characterized yeast genes.

EU (telomeres):

E. Louis1, R. Wambutt2, H. Wedler2

1 Yeast Genetics, Institute of Molecular Medicine, John Radcliffe Hospital,Oxford, OX3 9DU, UK

2 AGON GmbH, Glienicker Weg 185, D-12489 Berlin, Germany

Note: The current version of chromosome V has been extended by the left and the right telomere which has been sequenced by Rolf Wambutt and coworkers on DNA provided by Ed Louis. The original contig has not been changed for the current assembly.

sequence left telomere: 5957 nt; overlap to contig: 3480 nt

contig (20th Dec 1994): 569202 nt; overlap to sequence right telomere: 2784 nt

sequence right telomere: 5967 nt

Total length: 574860 nt

EMBL accession numbers: U73806, U18795, L10830, U18779, U18530, U18778, U18796, U18813, U18814, U18839, U18916, U18917, L10718, U18922