Yeast - Reference Chromosome XVI


Nature 387 (suppl.) 103-105 (1997)


The nucleotide sequence of Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome XVI


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* These authors contributed equally to the work.


The nucleotide sequence of the 948,061 base pairs chromosome XVI has been determined, completing the sequence of the yeast genome. Chromosome XVI was the last yeast chromosome identified1, and some of the genes mapped early to it such as GAL4, PEP4 and RAD12 have played important roles in the development of yeast biology. The architecture of this final chromosome seems to be typical of the large yeast chromosomes, and shows large duplications with other yeast chromosomes. Chromosome XVI contains 487 potential protein-encoding genes, 17 tRNA genes and two small nuclear RNA genes; 27% of the genes have significant similarities to human gene products, and 48% are new and of unknown biological function. Systematic efforts to explore gene function have begun.


EMBL accession numbers: Z73521, Z73499-Z73638, U43703, U43503, U43281, U41849, U39205, U44030, U36624, U33335, Z48951, Z49919, Z49274, Z68111, Z49219, U51033, U32445, U40828, U40829, U28371, U25840, U25842, U25841, Z73537, Z73541