Yeast Physiological and Genetic Pathways


Cell cycle control of DNA replication in S.cerevisiae

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See Huberman,J.A.
Cell cycle control of S phase: a comparison of two yeasts.
Chromosoma 105:197-203 (1996)

Cell cycle regulation of DNA replication in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

The black outer circle represents the phases of the cell cycle. The inner circle represents changes in the proteins bound to a typical replication origin during the cell cycle. Red indicates that the origin is bound by a "pre-replicative complex" (pre-RC), consisting of ORC plus additional proteins (see text). Yellow indicates the post-replicative state, when only ORC binding is detectable. In the remainder of the diagram, each group of proteins enclosed in a solid oval is thought to be part of a multi-protein complex. Proteins enclosed in dashed ovals are degraded by proteolysis. Arrowheads indicate stimulation; small solid rectangles indicate inhibition. Thicker lines indicate processes that appear to be more important or more fundamental for replication control within the cell cycle.

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