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The multiple roles of Mre11 complex in repair and recombination

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This page was kindly provided by James E. Haber
James E. Haber
The Many Interfaces of Mre11
Cell 95: 583-586 (1998)

Seven Roles for Mre11/Rad50/Xrs2 Proteins in Saccharomyces. In conjunction with many different sets of proteins, the Mre11 complex performs a surprisingly large range of functions, ranging from helping the Spo11 topoisomerase to create double-strand breaks during meiosis, to the maintenance of telomeres, to various types of repair and processing of double-strand breaks in both meiosis and mitosis. These proteins also play a role in the checkpoint responses of cells to the presence of a chromosome break. The human NBS homolog of Xrs2p is defective in Nijmegen breakage syndrome. Many other roles in mammalian cells have been inferred but the absence of viable mutants of Mre11p or Rad50p has prevented a direct assessment of their functions.
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