Yeast Physiological and Genetic Pathways


Spindle pole body components

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See Wigge,P.A. et al.
The Journal of Cell Biology 14:967-977 (1998)

Diagram of the localizations of spindle pole and SPB components described in the article cited above. Other spindle pole components already localized by immunoEM are also shown. The localizations of the components Ndc80p and Spc's 105p, 34p, 25p, 24p, and 19p have not been established precisely relative to the nuclear side of the SPB. Ndc80p and and Spc's 34p and 19p are probably spindle-associated since they can localize along the lenght of the spindle. IL1 and IL2 intermediate lines 1 and 2 (Bullit et al., 1997). In thin sections IL2 is not visible since it appears fused to the central plaque.

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