Yeast Physiological and Genetic Pathways


Model for the role of Cdc5p, Cdc20p and Hct1p in APC-mediated ubiquitination

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See Shirayama,M. et al.
EMBO J. 17:1336-1349 (1998)

Model for the role of the Polo kinase Cdc5p and the WD40 repeat proteins Cdc20p and Hct1/Cdh1p in APC-mediated ubiquitination.

Cdc20p is required for ubiquitination by the APC of the 'early' substrates such as an inhibitor of anaphase. Cdc5p is required to activate Hct1/Cdh1p-dependent ubiquitination of 'late' substrates such as Clb2p, whose degradation is important for exit from mitosis. Cdc5p and Cdc20p are themselves substrates of the APC.

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