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TAFII-containing complexes in yeast and humans.

A schematic representation of various TAFII-containing complexes isolated from human or yeast cells. The target of these TAFII-containing complexes, a typical class II promoter (containing TATA box and initiator(INR) elements), is diagrammed in the center. TATA-binding protein (TBP)-containing complexes are shown at the top with their component TAFIIs. TBP-free complexes are illustrated at the bottom. The potential roles of these complexes in transcription are listed at the right.

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Brendan Bell and Làszlò Tora
Regulation of gene expression by multiple forms of TFIID and other novel TAFII-containing complexes.
Exp. Cell Res. 1999 Jan 10;246(1):11-19

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