Hemiascomycetous Yeast Spliceosomal Introns

This site contains information about a comparative approach of spliceosomal introns in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and seven hemiascomycetous yeast species of the explorating sequencing program Génolevures.

Genolevures bibliographie 25S rDNA tree

Spliceosomal introns were sought in homologues of intron carrying Saccharomyces cerevisiae genes detected in Random Sequence Tags (RSTs) from the seven related yeast species. Visual scrutinization and bioinformatic tools led to the detection of 153 putative novel yeast introns.

Yeast Introns
Major Classes
Splicing mechanisms

Features of Hemiascomycetous Yeast Spliceosomal Introns
Common features
Lineage-specific features

The Spliceosomal Machinery
Spliceosome assembly pathway
Homologues of metazoan snRNAs
Homologues of metazoan SR-splicing factors

Spliceosomal introns in Hemiascomycetous Yeasts
In S. cerevisiae (current)
In S. cerevisiae (status 2003)
In other hemiascomycetous yeasts

Applied Methods to find Spliceosomal Introns
Manual detection
Automatic detection (under construction)

Intron Sequences in FASTA format

External Links
Intron Databases
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Some of the data herein described are original. If you use this site and these data for a publication, please cite :
Bon E., Casaregola S., Blandin G., Llorente B., Neuvéglise C., Munsterkotter M., Guldener U., Mewes H.W., Van Helden J., Dujon B., & Gaillardin C. Molecular Evolution of Eukaryotic Genomes: Hemiascomycetous Yeast Spliceosomal Introns, Nucleic Acids Research, 2003, 31 (4): 1121-1135.

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