tRNA introns

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  1. Phylogenetic distribution: Ubiquitous
  2. Eukarya
  3. Archaea
  4. Eubacteria

  5. Location
  6. In nuclear tRNA genes (single intron)
  7. Small insertions invariably located in the anti-codon loop between the first two bases 3' of the anticodon in Eukaryotes, and in slightly locations in Archaea.

  8. Size
  9. 14-60 nucleotides

  10. Sequence
  11. no splice site consensus
  12. no consensus sequences, recognition by enzymes is indirect
  13. complementary to anti-codon, allows folding into alternate conformation

  14. Splicing mechanism: Enzymatic cascade (Eukarya and Archaea)
  15. Unusual splicing mechanism that relies upon 3-D structure rather than sequence.
  16. Catalysed by a cascade of specialised enzymes.
  17. Mechanism is slightly different between yeasts and vertebrates.

  18. Requirement for an external source of energy (ATP).

  19. ORF-less and Non-mobile.

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