S. cerevisiae - Kluyveromyces lactis RSTs


Table of syntheny between ORFs of K. lactis and S. cerevisiae

List of K. lactis RSTs sequenced at the two ends having S. cerevisiae homologs. Homologous S. cerevisiae ORFs are identified by the systematic nomenclature and gene name when available; related duplicated chromosomal regions are also indicated.

K.lactis RST S. cerevisiae
name end* Accession n ORF homolog gene name chromosome duplicated region block number**
okam3a02 r AJ229607 A_A110w - I 2 d AJ229606 YOR361c PRT1 XV 2 okam5b04 d AJ229859 YAL043c PTA1 I 2 r AJ229860 YOR359w - XV 2 okam1c06 r AJ229568 YBL014c RRN6 II d AJ229567 YGL026c TRP5 VII okam6b06 d AJ229987 YBR114w RAD16 II 7 r AJ229988 YBR115c LYS2 II 7 okam5b03 d AJ229857 YBR236c ABD1 II r AJ229858 YBR237w PRP5 II okam3f12 d AJ229706 YBR238c - II 6 r AJ229707 YBR239c - II 6 okam5f04 r AJ229920 YBR287w - II d AJ229919 YOR367w - XV 2 okam2a11 d AJ229601 YCL035c - III 9 r AJ229602 YCL036w - III 9 okam3a04 r AJ229610 YCR019w MAK32 III 11 d AJ229609 YEL013w - V okam5d04 d## AJ229886 YDL022w GPD1 IV 21 d## AJ229886 YOL059w GPD2 XV 21 r AJ229887 YOL058w ARG1 XV 21 okam3c12 r AJ229657 YDL168w SFA1 IV d AJ229656 YLR200w YKE2 XII okam3d03 d AJ229662 YDL195w SEC31 IV r AJ229663 YLR218c - XII okam3a06 d AJ229612 YDR387c - IV 23 r AJ229613 YDR388w RVS167 IV 23 okam3d02 r AJ229661 YDR407c - IV d AJ229660 YPL082c MOT1 XVI 8 okam5d11 d AJ229897 YDR421w - IV r AJ229898 YML006c - XIII okam5g10 d AJ229944 YDR430c - IV limit of 19# r AJ229945 YML011c - XIII limit of 19# okam6d04 r AJ230015 YDR464w SPP41 IV d AJ230014 YPR159w KRE6 XVI 34 okam3b04 d AJ229628 YEL031w - V 28 r AJ229629 YJR046w - X 28 okam5h01 r AJ229951 YER091c MET6 V 4 d AJ229950 YER093c - V 4 okam4f04 r AJ229794 YGL036w MTC2 VII d AJ229793 YLL019c KNS1 XII 53 okam3f02 r AJ229690 YGL256w ADH4 VII d AJ229689 YKL216w URA1 XII okam6c04 r AJ230001 YGR046w - VII 30 d AJ230000 YGR047c TFC4 VII 30 okam4d03 d AJ229769 YGR075c PRP38 VII r AJ229770 YLL018c DPS1 XII 53 okam6b08 d AJ229989 YGR111w - VII 34 r AJ229990 YPR122w AXL1 XVI 34 okam3f03 d AJ229691 YGR117c - VII 34 r## AJ229692 YGR118w RPS23A VII 34 r## AJ229692 YPR132w RPS23B XVI 34 okam3d08 r AJ229671 YGR187c HGH1 V d AJ229670 YLL013c - XII okam5b05 d AJ229861 YGR196c - VII r AJ229862 YJR013w - X okam3h08 d AJ229730 YHL019c APM2 VIII r AJ229731 YKL040c - XI okam3f10 d AJ229702 YIR003w - IX r AJ229703 YIR004w - IX okam3e12 d AJ229686 YJL066c - X r## AJ229687 YJL172w CPS1 X 40 r## AJ229687 YOL153c psCPS1_homol XV okam5d02 d AJ229884 YJL083w - X 41 r AJ229885 YKR018c - XI 41 okam11e01 d AJ229518 YLL034c - XII r AJ229519 YLL034c - XII d AJ229518 YLL035w - XII okam5a09 d AJ229845 YLR086w - XII 16 r AJ229846 YLR087c - XII 16 okam4d10 r## AJ229779 YDR502c SAM2 IV 18 r## AJ229779 YLR180w SAM1 XII 18 d AJ229778 YLR181c - XII 18 okam4b06 d AJ229751 YLR263w RED1 XII 45 r AJ229752 YOR168w GLN4 XV 45 okam5a03 r AJ229836 YLR386w - XII 15 d AJ229835 YLR387c - XII 15 okam6b09 d AJ229991 YLR455w - XII r AJ229992 YPR173c VPS4 XVI okam5d06 r AJ229889 YMR212c - XIII d AJ229888 YOR274w MOD5 XV okam5b06 d AJ229863 YNL236w SIN4 XIV r AJ229864 YNL237w YTP1 XIV okam3c08 r AJ229650 YNL308c - XIV d AJ229649 YNL312w RFA2 XIV okam5d04 r AJ229887 YOL058w ARG1 XV 21 d AJ229886 YOL059w GPD2 XV 21 okam5g05 d AJ229936 YOR116c RPO31 XV r AJ229937 YOR117w RPT5 XV okam5g11 r AJ229947 YOR229w - XV 51 d AJ229946 YPL138c - XVI 51 okam4f07 r AJ229800 YOR294w - XV 47 d AJ229799 YOR296w - XV 47 okam3a09 r AJ229617 YPL042c SSN3 XVI d AJ229616 YPL043w NOP4 XVI okam3b06 d AJ229632 YPL111w CAR1 XVI r AJ229633 YPL112c - XVI


* K. lactis RSTs (Random Sequenced Tags) sequenced at the two ends (r and d)

** Block numbers are from Wolfe and Shieds (1997), Nature, 387, 708-713

# These ORFs are included in duplicated regions larger than blocks n 19 (A. Perrin, unpublished data)

## K. lactis sequences having two S. cerevisiae homologs