Yeast - C2H2 zinc finger proteins


Last update: 07/08/97
Complete set of classified C2H2 zinc finger proteins in the yeast genome

Wrong fingers and questionable fingers (non C2H2 'fingers') found in yeast proteins

The complete set of C2H2 zinc fingers and their parent proteins in the yeast genome was determined with an extended Zinc_Finger_C2H2 pattern. Additionally, other zinc binding motifs (non C2H2 'fingers'), overlapping with the classical zinc finger pattern, have been extracted from the set of yeast C2H2 zinc fingers using a new computer program. The detected 53 yeast C2H2 zinc finger proteins do not contain finger clusters with 10 or more repeats, as is frequently found in higher eukaryotes. Only three proteins contain four or more fingers in a cluster. Moreover, nearly all 27 yeast proteins with tandem arrays of two or three finger domains can be classified into nine subgroups with high sequence conservation in their finger clusters, in particular of their DNA recognition helices. These results and application of the recently elaborated finger/DNA recognition rules suggest that the yeast proteins belonging to the same subgroup may recognize identical or very similar DNA sites.

Sigfried Böhm, Dmitrij Frishman and H. Werner Mewes (1997)
Variations of the C2H2 zinc finger motif in the yeast genome and classification of yeast zinc finger proteins.
Nucleic Acids Res. 25:2464-2469