Yeast - ORFs with 10 predicted transmembrane domain


YIR028w    DAL4    allantoin permease
YBR132c    AGP2    amino-acid permease
YIL048w    NEO1    ATPase whose overproduction confers neomycin resistance
YKL217w    JEN1    carboxylic acid transporter protein
YPL265w    DIP5    dicarboxylic amino acid permease
YLR083c    EMP70   endosomal protein
YBR008c    FLR1    fluconazole resistance protein
YLR081w    GAL2    galactose (and glucose) permease
YGL008c    PMA1    H+-transporting P-type ATPase, major isoform, plasma membrane
YPL036w    PMA2    H+-transporting P-type ATPase, minor isoform, plasma membrane
YNL318c    HXT14   hexose transport protein
YGR055w    MUP1    high affinity methionine permease
YLL061w    MMP1    high affinity S-methylmethionine permease
YDR342c    HXT7    high-affinity hexose transporter
YDR343c    HXT6    high-affinity hexose transporter
YMR011w    HXT2    high-affinity hexose transporter
YNL270c    ALP1    high-affinity permease for basic amino acids
YBR068c    BAP2    leucine permease, high-affinity (S1)
YDR345c    HXT3    low-affinity hexose transporter
YHR094c    HXT1    low-affinity hexose transporter
YOR328w    PDR10   member of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) superfamily
YHR096c    HXT5    member of the hexose transporter family
YIL013c    PDR11   membrane transporter
YDR497c    ITR1    myo-inositol permease, major
YFL025c    BST1    negative regulator of COPII vesicle formation
YBL020w    RFT1    nuclear division protein
YJL212c    OPT1    oligopeptide transporter specific for tetra- and pentapeptides
YJL093c    TOK1    outward-rectifier potassium channel
YOR348c    PUT4    proline and gamma-aminobutyrate permease
YPL189w    GUP2    putative glycerol transporter involved in active glycerol uptake
YLR138w    NHA1    putative Na+/H+ antiporter
YLL005c    SPO75   similarity to A.thaliana hyp1 protein
YCL038c            similarity to bacterial membrane transporter
YOR161c            similarity to C.elegans cosmid F35C8
YOR291w            similarity to cation translocating ATPases
YNR056c    BIO5    similarity to choline transport protein HNM1P
YOR306c            similarity to human X-linked PEST-containing transporter
YDR387c            similarity to ITR1P and ITR2P and E.coli araE
YDR105c            similarity to mouse hypothetical protein
YPR156c            similarity to multidrug resistance proteins
YOR273c            similarity to resistance proteins
YGR125w            similarity to S.pombe hypothetical protein SPAC24H6.11c
YNL101w            similarity to YKL146w
YNL125c    ESBP6   similarity to YKL221w and human X-linked PEST-containing transporter
YOR365c            strong similarity to YAL053w
YBR243c    ALG7    UDP-N-acetylglucosamine-1-phosphate transferase
YBL042c    FUI1    uridine transport protein
YBL089w            weak similarity to A.thaliana aminoacid permease AAP3
YJR001w            weak similarity to A.thaliana aminoacid permease AAP4
YER119c            weak similarity to E.herbicola tyrosine permease
YNL237w    YTP1    weak similarity to mitochondrial electron transport proteins
YMR221c            weak similarity to photosystem II protein D2
YOL137w            weak similarity to tetracycline resistance proteins