Yeast - ORFs with 2 predicted transmembrane domain


YGR200c    ELP2    90 kDa subunit of elongator and elongating RNA polymerase II holoenzyme
YNR044w    AGA1    a-agglutinin anchor subunit
YIL009w    FAA3    acyl CoA synthase
YMR056c    AAC1    ADP/ATP carrier protein (MCF)
YER001w    MNN1    alpha-1,3-mannosyltransferase
YJR004c    SAG1    alpha-agglutinin
YDR158w    HOM2    aspartate-semialdehyde dehydrogenase
YLR120c    YPS1    aspergillopepsin
YGR105w    VMA21   ATPase assembly integral membrane protein
YIL015w    BAR1    barrierpepsin precursor
YHR101c    BIG1    big cells phenotype
YCL014w    BUD3    budding protein
YGR041w    BUD9    budding protein
YLR353w    BUD8    budding protein
YLR056w    ERG3    C-5 sterol desaturase
YBR084w    MIS1    C1-tetrahydrofolate synthase precursor, mitochondrial
YDL142c    CRD1    cardiolipin synthase
YCR094w    CDC50   cell division cycle mutant
YMR058w    FET3    cell surface ferroxidase, high affinity
YHL028w    WSC4    Cell wall integrity and stress response component 4
YKL096w    CWP1    cell wall mannoprotein
YKL096w-a  CWP2    cell wall mannoprotein
YEL040w    UTR2    cell wall protein
YNL322c    KRE1    cell wall protein
YAR050w    FLO1    cell wall protein involved in flocculation
YNL327w    EGT2    cell-cycle regulation protein
YFR031c    SMC2    chromosome segregation protein
YOR349w    CIN1    chromosome segregation protein
YOR010c    TIR2    cold shock induced protein
YER011w    TIR1    cold-shock induced protein of the TIR1P,TIP1P family
YMR288w    HSH155  component of a multiprotein splicing factor
YAL042w    ERV46   component of copii vesicles involved in transport between the ER and golgi complex
YLR018c    POM34   component of nuclear pore complex (nucleoporin)
YPR056w    TFB4    component of RNA polymerase transcription initiation TFIIH factor
YOR249c    APC5    component of the anaphase-promoting complex
YML012w    ERV25   component of the COPII-coated vesicles, 25 Kda
YPL022w    RAD1    component of the nucleotide excision repairosome
YHR175w    CTR2    copper transport protein
YPR124w    CTR1    copper transport protein
Q0055      AI2     COX1 intron 2 protein
YBL039c    URA7    CTP synthase 1
YJR103w    URA8    CTP synthase 2
YGR233c    PHO81   cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor
YNR028w    CPR8    Cyclophilin (peptidylprolyl cis-trans isomerase or PPIase)
YKL141w    SDH3    cytochrome b560 subunit of respiratory complex II
YER154w    OXA1    cytochrome oxidase biogenesis protein
YDR402c    DIT2    cytochrome P450 56
YKL150w    MCR1    cytochrome-b5 reductase
YOR037w    CYC2    cytochrome-c mitochondrial import factor
Q0250      COX2    cytochrome-c oxidase subunit II
YOR065w    CYT1    cytochrome-c1
YER023w    PRO3    delta 1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase
YOL130w    ALR1    divalent cation transporter
YFL050c    ALR2    divalent cation transprter
YCR081w    SRB8    DNA-directed RNA polymerase II holoenzyme and Srb10 CDK subcomplex subunit
YOR151c    RPB2    DNA-directed RNA polymerase II, 140 kDa chain
YPL094c    SEC62   ER protein-translocation complex subunit
YDR331w    GPI8    essential for GPI anchor attachment
YBR067c    TIP1    esterase
YDR261c    EXG2    exo-beta-1,3-glucanase minor isoform
Q0130      OLI1    F1F0-ATPase complex, F0 subunit 9
YIL134w    FLX1    FAD carrier protein (MCF), mitochondrial
YHR190w    ERG9    farnesyl-diphosphate farnesyltransferase
YPL231w    FAS2    fatty-acyl-CoA synthase, alpha chain
YEL053c    MAK10   glucose-repressible protein
YDL171c    GLT1    glutamate synthase (NAPDPH) (GOGAT)
YJL101c    GSH1    glutamate--cysteine ligase
YFL048c    EMP47   Golgi membrane protein
YDR349c    YPS7    GPI-anchored aspartic protease
YLR121c    YPS3    GPI-anchored aspartyl protease 3 (yapsin 3)
YPR165w    RHO1    GTP-binding protein of the rho subfamily of ras-like proteins
YKL092c    BUD2    GTPase-activating protein for Bud1p/RSR1P
YDL240w    LRG1    GTPase-activating protein of the rho/rac family
YKL119c    VPH2    H+-ATPase assembly protein
YDR420w    HKR1    Hansenula MrakII k9 killer toxin-resistance protein
YOL052c-a  DDR2    heat shock protein DDRA2
YEL030w    ECM10   heat shock protein of HSP70 family
YMR251w-a  HOR7    hyperosmolarity-responsive protein
YAR069c            hypothetical protein
YBR027c            hypothetical protein
YBR255w            hypothetical protein
YBR292c            hypothetical protein
YDR029w            hypothetical protein
YDR476c            hypothetical protein
YEL001c            hypothetical protein
YEL025c    SRI1    hypothetical protein
YEL059w            hypothetical protein
YER083c            hypothetical protein
YFL021c-a          hypothetical protein
YFR035c            hypothetical protein
YGL146c            hypothetical protein
YGL159w            hypothetical protein
YGR026w            hypothetical protein
YGR106c            hypothetical protein
YGR236c    SPG1    hypothetical protein
YGR290w            hypothetical protein
YHL029c            hypothetical protein
YIL027c    KRE27   hypothetical protein
YIR014w            hypothetical protein
YIR020c-b          hypothetical protein
YJL028w            hypothetical protein
YJL192c            hypothetical protein
YJR023c            hypothetical protein
YJR039w            hypothetical protein
YKL031w            hypothetical protein
YKL044w            hypothetical protein
YKL047w            hypothetical protein
YKL206c            hypothetical protein
YKR044w            hypothetical protein
YKR073c            hypothetical protein
YLL007c            hypothetical protein
YLL014w            hypothetical protein
YLR205c            hypothetical protein
YLR265c    NEJ1    hypothetical protein
YLR326w            hypothetical protein
YLR402w            hypothetical protein
YLR404w            hypothetical protein
YML090w            hypothetical protein
YMR126c            hypothetical protein
YMR141c            hypothetical protein
YMR148w            hypothetical protein
YMR151w    YIM2    hypothetical protein
YMR163c            hypothetical protein
YMR254c            hypothetical protein
YNL146w            hypothetical protein
YNL158w            hypothetical protein
YNL179c            hypothetical protein
YNL324w            hypothetical protein
YOL063c            hypothetical protein
YOR015w            hypothetical protein
YOR097c            hypothetical protein
YOR214c            hypothetical protein
YOR223w            hypothetical protein
YOR376w            hypothetical protein
YPR064w            hypothetical protein
YPR098c            hypothetical protein
YDR524c-b          hypothetical protein - identified by SAGE
YPR170w-a          hypothetical protein - identified by SAGE
YPL130w    SPO19   hypothetical protein - putative glycophosphatidylinositol (GPI)-anchored spore wall protein
YJL117w    PHO86   inorganic phospate transporter
YOL065c    INP54   inositol polyphosphate 5-phosphatase
YJL089w    SIP4    interacts with SNF1 protein kinase
YIL162w    SUC2    invertase (sucrose hydrolyzing enzyme)
YBR078w    ECM33   involved in cell wall biogenesis and architecture
YHL043w    ECM34   involved in cell wall biogenesis and architecture
YOL007c    CSI2    involved in chitin synthesis
YGR099w    TEL2    involved in controlling telomere length and position effect
YLR207w    HRD3    involved in degradation of HMG2P
YOL025w    LAG2    involved in determining longevity
YOR160w    MTR10   involved in nuclear protein import
YER044c    ERG28   involved in synthesis of ergosterol
YMR168c    CEP3    kinetochore protein complex, 71 KD subunit
YMR125w    STO1    large subunit of the nuclear cap-binding protein complex CBC
YER015w    FAA2    long-chain-fatty-acid--CoA ligase
YGL065c    ALG2    mannosyltransferase
YLR332w    MID2    mating process protein
YDL154w    MSH5    meiosis-specific protein
YER044c-a  MEI4    meiosis-specific protein
YFL003c    MSH4    meiosis-specific protein
YNL210w    MER1    meiotic recombination protein
YHR211w    FLO5    member of the FLO1P family of flocculation proteins
YGL016w    KAP122  Member of the karyopherin-beta family, nuclear import
YDL198c    YHM1    member of the mitochondrial carrier family (MCF)
YBR290w    BSD2    metal homeostasis protein
YKR080w    MTD1    methylenetetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase (NAD+)
YMR208w    ERG12   mevalonate kinase
YOR100c    CRC1    mitochondrial carnitine carrier, member of the mitochondrial carrier (MCF) family
YPR058w    YMC1    mitochondrial carrier protein (MCF)
YPL224c    MMT2    mitochondrial iron transporter
YGR082w    TOM20   mitochondrial outer membrane import receptor subunit, 20 kD
YMR060c    TOM37   mitochondrial outer membrane import receptor subunit, 37 kD
YGR014w    MSB2    multicopy suppressor of a CDC24 bud emergence defect
YPL085w    SEC16   multidomain vesicle coat protein
YKL129c    MYO3    myosin type I
YPL175w    SPT14   N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase
YGR147c    NAT2    N-acetyltransferase for N-terminal methionine
YJR132w    NMD5    NAM7P interacting protein
YNL339c    YRF1-6  nearly identical to other subtelomerically encoded putative helicases
YER072w    VTC1    Negative Regulator of Cdc Fourty two (CDC42)
YGL197w    MDS3    negative regulator of early meiotic expression
YDL148c    NOP14   nuclear and nucleolar protein with possible role in ribosome biogenesis
YMR129w    POM152  nuclear pore membrane glycoprotein
YDL116w    NUP84   nuclear pore protein
YER105c    NUP157  nuclear pore protein
YFR002w    NIC96   nuclear pore protein
YEL002c    WBP1    oligosaccharyl transferase beta subunit precursor
YJL002c    OST1    oligosaccharyltransferase, alpha subunit
YJR150c    DAN1    only expressed under anaerobic conditions
YML106w    URA5    orotate phosphoribosyltransferase
YMR271c    URA10   orotate phosphoribosyltransferase2
YBR070c    SAT2    osmotolerance protein
YAL007c    ERP2    p24 protein involved in membrane trafficking
YAR002c-a  ERP1    p24 protein involved in membrane trafficking
YNR041c    COQ2    para-hydroxybenzoate--polyprenyltransferase
YCR069w    SCC3    peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase precursor
YNL329c    PEX6    peroxisomal assembly protein
YDR329c    PEX3    peroxisomal assembly protein - peroxin
YNL106c    INP52   phosphatidylinositol phosphate phosphatase
YOR109w    INP53   phosphatidylinositol phosphate phosphatase
YOL011w    PLB3    phospholipase B (lysophospholipase)
YBL106c    SRO77   polarized exocytosis by regulating SNARE function
YLR430w    SEN1    positive effector of tRNA-splicing endonuclease
YOR014w    RTS1    potential regulatory subunit of protein phosphatase 2A
YAL043c    PTA1    pre-tRNA processing protein / PF I subunit
YLR341w    SPO77   probably ATP-powered Ca2+ pump, possible role in sporulation
YHR021w-a  ECM12   probably involved in cell wall structure or biogenesis
YLR142w    PUT1    proline oxidase
YPR122w    AXL1    protease
YEL060c    PRB1    protease B, vacuolar
YER017c    AFG3    protease of the SEC18/CDC48/PAS1 family of ATPases (AAA)
YMR089c    YTA12   protease of the SEC18/CDC48/PAS1 family of ATPases (AAA)
YNL221c    POP1    protein component of ribonuclease P and ribonuclease MRP
YHR079c    IRE1    protein kinase
YNL044w    YIP3    protein of unknown function
YKL176c    LST4    protein required for regulated transport of nitrogen-regulated permeases from the Golgi to the plasma membrane
YIL145c    PAN6    protein required for synthesis of pantothenic acid
YPR185w    APG13   protein required for the autophagic process
YBR276c    PPS1    protein tyrosine phosphatase
YBR186w    PCH2    putative ATPase
YDR395w    SXM1    putative beta-karyopherin
YJL186w    MNN5    putative mannosyltransferase
YBL066c    SEF1    putative transcription factor
Q0144              questionable ORF
YAL016c-a          questionable ORF
YAL031w-a          questionable ORF
YAL034c-b          questionable ORF
YBL062w            questionable ORF
YBL070c            questionable ORF
YBL100c            questionable ORF
YBR064w            questionable ORF
YBR124w            questionable ORF
YBR232c            questionable ORF
YBR266c            questionable ORF
YBR277c            questionable ORF
YCL023c            questionable ORF
YCL041c            questionable ORF
YDL011c            questionable ORF
YDL026w            questionable ORF
YDL032w            questionable ORF
YDL068w            questionable ORF
YDR112w            questionable ORF
YDR136c            questionable ORF
YDR187c            questionable ORF
YDR269c            questionable ORF
YDR290w            questionable ORF
YDR355c            questionable ORF
YDR401w            questionable ORF
YDR417c            questionable ORF
YDR426c            questionable ORF
YDR433w    KRE22   questionable ORF
YDR521w            questionable ORF
YDR537c            questionable ORF
YER107w-a          questionable ORF
YER148w-a          questionable ORF
YER181c            questionable ORF
YFL012w-a          questionable ORF
YFL013w-a          questionable ORF
YFR056c            questionable ORF
YGL042c            questionable ORF
YGL149w            questionable ORF
YGL168w            questionable ORF
YGL177w            questionable ORF
YGL204c            questionable ORF
YGL218w            questionable ORF
YGR073c            questionable ORF
YHL019w-a          questionable ORF
YHL030w-a          questionable ORF
YHR028w-a          questionable ORF
YHR145c            questionable ORF
YIL047c-a          questionable ORF
YIL060w            questionable ORF
YIL068w-a          questionable ORF
YIL071w-a          questionable ORF
YIL100c-a          questionable ORF
YIL156w-a          questionable ORF
YIL171w-a          questionable ORF
YIR023c-a          questionable ORF
YJL169w            questionable ORF
YJL195c            questionable ORF
YJL220w            questionable ORF
YJR038c            questionable ORF
YJR087w            questionable ORF
YKL118w            questionable ORF
YKL131w            questionable ORF
YKL147c            questionable ORF
YKL177w            questionable ORF
YLL020c            questionable ORF
YLR062c    BUD28   questionable ORF
YLR171w            questionable ORF
YLR322w            questionable ORF
YLR338w    KRE21   questionable ORF
YLR444c            questionable ORF
YML009c-a          questionable ORF
YML009w-b          questionable ORF
YML057c-a          questionable ORF
YMR119w-a          questionable ORF
YMR158w-b          questionable ORF
YMR172c-a          questionable ORF
YMR290w-a          questionable ORF
YMR306c-a          questionable ORF
YNL105w            questionable ORF
YNL114c            questionable ORF
YNL266w            questionable ORF
YNL319w            questionable ORF
YNR005c            questionable ORF
YNR025c            questionable ORF
YOL050c            questionable ORF
YOR225w            questionable ORF
YOR277c            questionable ORF
YOR309c            questionable ORF
YOR333c            questionable ORF
YPL044c            questionable ORF
YPL114w            questionable ORF
YPL182c            questionable ORF
YPR038w            questionable ORF
YPR087w            questionable ORF
YPR126c            questionable ORF
YPR130c            questionable ORF
YPR142c            questionable ORF
YPR150w            questionable ORF
YOL013w-b          questionable ORF - identified by SAGE
YER110c    KAP123  RAN-binding protein
YNL139c    RLR1    regulatory protein
YIL140w    AXL2    required for axial pattern of budding
YMR026c    PEX12   required for biogenesis of peroxisomes - peroxin
YLR313c    SPH1    required for bipolar bud site selection
YMR232w    FUS2    required for cell fusion during mating
YDL015c    TSC13   required for elongation of the very long chain fatty acid (VLCFA) moiety of sphingolipids
YLR166c    SEC10   required for exocytosis
YMR238w    DFG5    required for filamentous growth, cell polarity, and cellular elongation
YPL057c    SUR1    required for mannosylation of sphingolipids
YLR103c    CDC45   required for minichromosome maintenance and initiation of chromosomal DNA replication
YLL006w    MMM1    required for mitochondrial shape and structure
YHR004c    NEM1    required for nuclear morphology
YDR297w    SUR2    required for the hydroxylation of C-4 of the sphingoid moiety of ceramide
YMR257c    PET111  required for translation of COX2 mRNA
YMR123w    PKR1    resistance against Pichia farinosa killer toxin (SMK toxin) when expressed by a multi copy plasmid
YDR204w    COQ4    responsible for restoring ubiquinone biosynthesis in COQ4 mutant
YHR075c    PPE1    ribosomal protein of the small subunit, mitochondrial
YJL096w    MRPL49  ribosomal protein YmL49, mitochondrial
YKR024c    DBP7    RNA helicase required for 60S ribosomal subunit assembly
YKL125w    RRN3    RNA polymerase I specific transcription factor
YOR334w    MRS2    RNA splicing protein and member of the mitochondrial carrier family (MCF)
YDR498c    SEC20   secretory pathway protein
YLR390w-a  CCW14   Secretory Stress Response protein 1
YDR276c    PMP3    sensitive to natrium
YNL038w    GPI15   sequence and functional homologue of human Pig-H protein
YDR062w    LCB2    serine C-palmitoyltransferase subunit
YJR010c-a  SPC1    signal peptidase 10.8 kDa subunit
YML055w    SPC2    signal peptidase 18 KD subunit
YOL068c    HST1    silencing protein
YDR524c    AGE1    similarity to ADP-ribosylation factor (ARF) GTPase activating protein (GAP) with effector functions
YAL061w    FUN50   similarity to alcohol/sorbitol dehydrogenase
YMR110c            similarity to aldehyde dehydrogenase
YHR039c    MSC7    similarity to aldehyde dehydrogenases
YPL109c            similarity to aminoglycoside acetyltransferase regulator from P. stuartii
YKL132c    RMA1    similarity to B.subtilis folC protein and strong similarity to YMR113w
YML068w            similarity to C.elegans hypothetical protein
YPL110c            similarity to C.elegans hypothetical protein, weak similarity to PHO81P
YGR278w            similarity to C.elegans LET-858
YML059c            similarity to C.elegans ZK370.4 protein
YDR506c            similarity to FET3, YFL041w and F.floriforme diphenol oxidase
YIL006w            similarity to FLX1P
YGR077c    PEX8    similarity to Hansenula polymorpha PER1 protein and weak similarity to Pichia pastoris PER3 protein
YBR159w            similarity to human 17-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase
YOR292c            similarity to human and mouse glomerulosclerosis protein Mpv17
YOR175c            similarity to human and murine C3f protein
YCR032w    BPH1    similarity to human beige-like protein and mouse lysosomal trafficking regulator
YOR016c    ERP4    similarity to human COP-coated vesicle membrane protein
YHR110w    ERP5    similarity to human gp25L2 protein
YOR154w            similarity to hypothetical A. thaliana proteins F19G10.15 and T19F06.21
YHR188c    GPI16   similarity to hypothetical C. elegans proteins F17c11.7
YDR084c            similarity to hypothetical C.elegans protein
YKR087c            similarity to hypothetical Myxococcus xanthus protein
YJR085c            similarity to hypothetical protein S.pombe
YFL006w            similarity to hypothetical protein TRCDSEMBL:AB024034_15 A. thaliana
YJL151c            similarity to hypothetical protein YDL123w
YDR233c            similarity to hypothetical protein YDL204w
YDL204w            similarity to hypothetical protein YDR233c
YHR036w            similarity to hypothetical protein YGL247w
YLR373c    VID22   similarity to hypothetical protein Ygr071cp
YGL247w            similarity to hypothetical protein YHR036w
YDL123w            similarity to hypothetical protein YJL151c
YIL089w            similarity to hypothetical protein YLR036c
YLL023c            similarity to hypothetical protein YLR064w
YDR458c            similarity to hypothetical protein YML034w and YML033w
YKL133c            similarity to hypothetical protein YMR115w
YJR116w            similarity to hypothetical protein YPR114w
YIL104c            similarity to hypothetical S. pombe protein
YPL207w            similarity to hypthetical proteins from A. fulgidus, M. thermoautotrophicum and M. jannaschii
YEL053w-a          similarity to K. lactis hypothetical protein
YOL112w    MSB4    similarity to Mic1p and human transforming protein tre-2
YOR227w            similarity to microtubule-interacting protein MHP1P
YIL151c            similarity to mitochondrial aldehyde dehydrogenase Ald1p
YHR111w            similarity to molybdopterin biosynthesis proteins
YFL067w            similarity to mouse period clock protein
YDR109c            similarity to MPA43P
YJR151c    DAN4    similarity to mucin proteins, YKL224c, Sta1p
YEL020c            similarity to O.formigenes oxalyl-CoA decarboxylase
YDR525w-a          similarity to other hypothetical proteins in yeast
YOL163w            similarity to P. putida phthalate transporter
YEL006w            similarity to peroxisomal membrane and mitochondrial carrier proteins
YHL026c            similarity to PIR:T41446 conserved hypothetical protein SPCC594.02c S. pombe
YIL005w            similarity to protein disulfide isomerases
YIL130w            similarity to PUT3P and to hypothetical protein YJL206c
YJL012c-a          similarity to S. bayanus
YHR069c-a          similarity to S. bayanus hypothetical protein
YIL142c-a          similarity to S. bayanus hypothetical protein
YIL017c    VID28   similarity to S. pombe SPAC26H5.04 protein of unknown function
YDR434w    GPI17   similarity to S.pombe hypothetical protein
YIL001w            similarity to S.pombe hypothetical protein, weak similarity to human ankyrin
YER079c-a          similarity to Saccharomyces servazzii hypothetical protein
Q0010              similarity to Sauroleishmania NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) chain 5
YGL263w    COS12   similarity to subtelomeric encoded proteins
YHL044w            similarity to subtelomeric encoded proteins
YDR303c    RSC3    similarity to transcriptional regulator proteins
YNR018w            similarity to TRCDSEMBL:SPAC1565_1 hypothetical protein S. pombe
YOL048c            similarity to YAL018c and YOL047c
YJL171c            similarity to YBR162c
YNL323w    LEM3    similarity to Ycx1p
YNL156c            similarity to YHR133c
YLR036c            similarity to YIL089w
YPR117w            similarity to YLR454w
YPR027c            similarity to YNL019c and YNL033w
YDR534c    FIT1    similarity to YOR383c,Sta1p and pig mucin
YHR178w    STB5    SIN3 binding protein
YKL072w    STB6    SIN3 binding protein
YGR175c    ERG1    squalene monooxygenase
YER150w    SPI1    Stationary Phase Induced
YAL060w    FUN49   stereospecific (2R, 3R)-2,3-butanediol dehydrogenase
YDR111c            strong similarity to alanine transaminase
YLR089c            strong similarity to alanine transaminases
YLL052c    AQY2    strong similarity to AQY1
YIR043c            strong similarity to family of COnserved Sequences COS
YAL063c    FLO9    strong similarity to FLO1P
YDR134c            strong similarity to FLO1P, FLO5P, FLO9P and YLR110c
YAR023c            strong similarity to FUN55P, FUN59P, YGL051w, YCR007c, YGL053w, YAR031w and YAR028w
YAR028w            strong similarity to FUN55P, YGL053w, YCR007c, YAR031w, FUN59P and YGL051w
YLR343w            strong similarity to GAS1P and C.albicans pH responsive protein
YHR033w            strong similarity to glutamate 5-kinase
YGL002w    ERP6    strong similarity to human gp25L2 protein
YJL037w            strong similarity to hypothetical protein YJL038c
YKR018c            strong similarity to hypothetical protein YJL082w
YGR038w    ORM1    strong similarity to hypothetical protein YLR350w
YPL277c            strong similarity to hypothetical protein YOR389w/putative pseudogene
YIL029c            strong similarity to hypothetical protein YPR071w
YGL053w    PRM8    strong similarity to hypothetical proteins YAR031w, YGL051w, YAR028w, YAR033w and YCR007c
YPL017c            strong similarity to LPD1P and other dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenases
YIL011w    TIR3    strong similarity to members of the SRP1P/TIP1P family
YOR389w            strong similarity to putative pseudogenes YPL277c and YPL278c
YOR271c            strong similarity to Rattus tricarboxylate carrier
YLR409c            strong similarity to S. pombe beta-transducin
YNL320w            strong similarity to S.pombe Bem46 protein
YCL002c            strong similarity to Saccharomyces pastorianus hypothetical protein LgYCL002c
YCL005w            strong similarity to Saccharomyces pastorianus hypothetical protein LgYCL005w
YLR164w            strong similarity to SDH4P
YHR155w            strong similarity to SNF1P-interacting protein SIP3P
YCL048w            strong similarity to sporulation-specific protein SPS2P
YCR007c            strong similarity to subtelomeric encoded proteins
YGR295c    COS6    strong similarity to subtelomeric encoded proteins
YNR075w    COS10   strong similarity to subtelomeric encoded proteins
YPL283c    YRF1-7  strong similarity to subtelomeric encoded proteins
YMR118c            strong similarity to succinate dehydrogenase
YBR161w            strong similarity to SUR1P
YJL078c    PRY3    strong similarity to the plant PR-1 class of pathogen related proteins
YAR027w    FUN55   strong similarity to YAR028w, YCR007c, YGL053w, YAR031w, FUN59P and YGL051w
YGL051w            strong similarity to YAR033w protein
YMR324c            strong similarity to YBL108w, YCR103c and YKL223w
YNR048w            strong similarity to YCR094w and YNL323w
YAR033w    FUN59   strong similarity to YGL051w, YGL053w, YAR031w, FUN55P, YAR028w and YCR007c
YAR031w    PRM9    strong similarity to YGL053w, FUN59P, YGL051w, FUN55P, YAR028w and YCR007c
YPR071w            strong similarity to YIL029c
YNR065c            strong similarity to YJL222w, YIL173w and PEP1P
YOR081c            strong similarity to YKR089c
YML087c            strong similarity to YML125c, similarity to cytochrome-b5- and nitrate reductases
YKL046c            strong similarity to YMR238w
YNL033w            strong similarity to YNL019c
YNL019c            strong similarity to YNL033w
YGR296w    YRF1-3  strong similarity to YPL283c; YNL339c and other Y' encoded proteins
YGL226c-a  OST5    subunit of N-oligosaccharyltransferase, zeta subunit
YJR095w    SFC1    succinate-fumarate transporter
YIL154c    (IMP2)  sugar utilization regulatory protein
YJR075w    HOC1    suppressor of PKC1
YKL124w    SSH4    suppressor of SHR3
YGR112w    SHY1    SURF homologue protein
YOR241w    MET7    tetrahydrofolylpolyglutamate synthase
YBR198c    TAF90   TFIID and SAGA subunit
YNL273w    TOF1    topoisomerase I interacting factor 1
YCR077c    PAT1    topoisomerase II-associated protein
YGL013c    PDR1    transcription factor
YLR256w    HAP1    transcription factor
YLR451w    LEU3    transcription factor
YMR280c    CAT8    transcription factor involved in gluconeogenesis
YDL170w    UGA3    transcriptional activator for GABA catabolic genes
YDR034c    LYS14   transcriptional activator of lysine pathway genes
YLR249w    YEF3    translation elongation factor eEF3
YNL014w    HEF3    translation elongation factor eEF3 homolog
YIL147c    SLN1    two-component signal transducer
YBR015c    MNN2    type II membrane protein
YNR012w    URK1    uridine kinase
YBL017c    PEP1    vacuolar protein sorting/targeting protein
YLR396c    VPS33   vacuolar sorting protein
YAL002w    VPS8    vacuolar sorting protein, 134 kD
YBR074w            weak similarity to aminopeptidase Y
YLR064w            weak similarity to Anopheles NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase, chain 4
YNL203c            weak similarity to B.subtilis CDP-diacylglycerol--serine O-phosphatidyltransferase
YLR253w            weak similarity to bacterial aminoglycoside acetyltransferase regulators
YML030w            weak similarity to CG9921 D. melanogaster
YDL073w            weak similarity to Cyprinus carpio calcium channel protein
YEL045c            weak similarity to cytochrome c oxidase III of T.brucei kinetoplast
YDL018c    ERP3    weak similarity to DEP1P
YFR041c            weak similarity to dnaJ-like heat shock proteins
YIL103w            weak similarity to DPH2 protein
YDR437w            weak similarity to DSCR5b H. sapiens
YIL054w    FYV2    weak similarity to fruit fly NADH dehydrogenase
YPL206c            weak similarity to glycerophosphoryl diester phosphodiesterases
YJL170c    ASG7    weak similarity to Helicobacter pylori endonuclease III
YER019w    ISC1    weak similarity to human and mouse neutral sphingomyelinase
YPR079w    MRL1    weak similarity to human insulin-like growth factor 2 receptor
YPR109w            weak similarity to human nicotinic acetylcholine receptor delta chain
YCL045c            weak similarity to human ORF
YLL037w            weak similarity to human platelet-activating factor receptor
YOL117w            weak similarity to human sodium channel alpha chain HBA
YFL068w            weak similarity to hypothetical E.coli protein
YLR065c            weak similarity to hypothetical protein A. thaliana
YDL027c            weak similarity to hypothetical protein Methanococcus jannaschii
YOL073c            weak similarity to hypothetical protein S. pombe
YJR041c            weak similarity to hypothetical protein SPAC2G11.02 S. pombe
YLR040c            weak similarity to hypothetical protein YIL011w
YDR314c            weak similarity to hypothetical S.pombe protein
YOR383c    FIT3    weak similarity to L.mexicana secreted acid phosphatase 2
YMR245w            weak similarity to mouse thyrotropin-releasing hormone receptor
YMR212c    EFR3    weak similarity to myosins, conserved, ubiquitous membrane protein required for cell viability
YPR139c            weak similarity to nGAP  H. sapiens nGAP mRNA
YML023c            weak similarity to NMD2P
YDL144c            weak similarity to probable oxidoreductase - Streptomyces coelicolor
YDR393w    SHE9    weak similarity to rabbit trichohyalin
YLR278c            weak similarity to regulatory proteins
YEL033w            weak similarity to Sauroleishmania mitochondrial hypothetical ORF-5 protein
YNL087w            weak similarity to synaptogamines
YIL040w            weak similarity to T.brucei  NADH dehydrogenase
YML076c            weak similarity to transcription factor
YGL161c            weak similarity to TRCDSEMBL:HS167A19_1  dJ167A19.1 human
YOR044w            weak similarity to YDR275w
YHR150w            weak similarity to YDR479c
YFL015c            weak similarity to YDR504c
YMR019w    STB4    weak similarity to YIL130w, PUT3P and other transcription factors
YGL041c            weak similarity to YJL109c
YDR325w    YCG1    Yeast Condensin G
YDR216w    ADR1    zinc-finger transcription factor