Yeast - ORFs with 3 predicted transmembrane domain


YBR110w    ALG1    beta-mannosyltransferase
YMR015c    ERG5    C-22 sterol desaturase
YGR049w    SCM4    CDC4 suppressor
YDR182w    CDC1    cell division control protein
YOL105c    WSC3    cell wall integrity and stress response component 3
YBR291c    CTP1    citrate transport protein, mitochondrial (MCF)
YDR238c    SEC26   coatomer complex beta chain of secretory pathway vesicles
YPR181c    SEC23   component of COPII coat of ER-golgi vesicles
YML067c    ERV41   component of copii vesicles involved in transport between the ER and golgi complex
YDR170c    SEC7    component of non-clathrin vesicle coat
YPL016w    SWI1    component of SWI/SNF global transcription activator complex
YLR411w    CTR3    copper transport protein
YKL210w    UBA1    E1-like (ubiquitin-activating) enzyme
YOR254c    SEC63   ER protein-translocation complex subunit
YGL054c    ERV14   ER-derived Vesicles
YIL026c    IRR1    essential protein
YPL172c    COX10   farnesyl transferase
YBR020w    GAL1    galactokinase
YEL022w    GEA2    GDP/GTP exchange factor for ARF
YGR172c    YIP1    golgi membrane protein
YAL031c    FUN21   hypothetical protein
YBL048w            hypothetical protein
YDR396w            hypothetical protein
YEL017w            hypothetical protein
YGR168c            hypothetical protein
YJL051w            hypothetical protein
YKL097c            hypothetical protein
YLL059c            hypothetical protein
YML029w            hypothetical protein
YNL159c            hypothetical protein
YPL012w            hypothetical protein
YGL238w    CSE1    importin-beta-like protein
YGL126w    SCS3    inositol phospholipid synthesis protein
YDL058w    USO1    intracellular protein transport protein
YLR220w    CCC1    involved in calcium regulation
YHL030w    ECM29   involved in cell wall biogenesis and architecture
YPR149w    NCE102  involved in non-classical protein export pathway
YLR242c    ARV1    involved in sterol uptake and distribution into the plasma membrane
YKR042w    UTH1    involved in the aging process
YER118c    SHO1    involved in the HOG1 high-osmolarity signal transduction pathway
YHR072w    ERG7    lanosterol synthase
YCR073c    SSK22   MAP kinase kinase kinase
YJR073c    OPI3    methylene-fatty-acyl-phospholipid synthase
YJL042w    MHP1    microtubule-associated protein
YFL041w    FET5    multicopy oxidase
YDR335w    MSN5    multicopy supressor of SNF1 mutation
YGL151w    NUT1    negative transcription regulator from artifical reporters
YBL079w    NUP170  nuclear pore protein
YKR082w    NUP133  nuclear pore protein
YCR093w    CDC39   nuclear protein
YGL115w    SNF4    nuclear regulatory protein
YMR149w    SWP1    oligosaccharyltransferase delta subunit
YOR103c    OST2    oligosaccharyltransferase epsilon subunit
YLR438w    CAR2    ornithine aminotransferase
YKL064w    MNR2    overexpression overcomes manganese toxicity
YOR363c    PIP2    peroxisome proliferating transcription factor
YJR066w    TOR1    phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase
YKL015w    PUT3    positive activator of the proline utilisation pathway
YAL059c-a          questionable ORF
YBR051w            questionable ORF
YBR113w            questionable ORF
YBR224w            questionable ORF
YCR041w            questionable ORF
YCR087w            questionable ORF
YDL041w    KRE26   questionable ORF
YDL172c            questionable ORF
YDR193w            questionable ORF
YDR467c            questionable ORF
YDR526c            questionable ORF
YEL018c-a          questionable ORF
YER165c-a          questionable ORF
YGL074c            questionable ORF
YGL152c            questionable ORF
YGR228w            questionable ORF
YIR017w-a          questionable ORF
YJL142c            questionable ORF
YJL175w            questionable ORF
YKL030w            questionable ORF
YKL053w            questionable ORF
YKL136w            questionable ORF
YKR033c            questionable ORF
YLR334c            questionable ORF
YLR339c            questionable ORF
YMR052c-a          questionable ORF
YMR316c-b          questionable ORF
YOL099c            questionable ORF
YOR055w            questionable ORF
YOR082c            questionable ORF
YOR146w            questionable ORF
YOR331c            questionable ORF
YBR275c    RIF1    RAP1-interacting factor 1
YKL212w    SAC1    recessive suppressor of secretory defect
YNL048w    ALG11   required for asparagine-linked glycosylation
YGR036c    CAX4    required for full levels of dolichol-linked oligosaccharides in the endoplasmic reticulum
YMR272c    SCS7    required for hydroxylation of ceramide
YGR098c    ESP1    required for sister chromatid separation
YEL013w    VAC8    required for vacuole inheritance and protein targeting from the cytoplasm to vacuole
YER172c    BRR2    RNA helicase-related protein
YBR097w    VPS15   ser/thr protein kinase
YAL016w    TPD3    ser/thr protein phosphatase 2A, regulatory chain A
YHR186c            similarity to C.elegans hypothetical protein C10C5.6
YOL003c            similarity to C.elegans hypothetical protein, YDR126w, YNL326c and YLR246w
YKL207w            similarity to conserved hypothetical transmembrane protein S.pombe
YBR227c    MCX1    similarity to E.coli ATP-binding protein clpX
YKL027w            similarity to E.coli molybdopterin-converting factor chlN
YOR165w            similarity to E.histolytica surface lectin
YGL036w    MTC2    similarity to EDE1P
YOR172w            similarity to finger protein YKL222c, YOR162c and YLR266c
YOL132w            similarity to glycophospholipid-anchored surface glycoprotein GAS1P
YLR422w            similarity to human DOCK180 protein
YOL060c    AMI3    similarity to hypothetical C.elegans and A.thaliana proteins
YMR071c            similarity to hypothetical protein S. pombe
YMR247c            similarity to hypothetical protein S. pombe
YHR194w            similarity to hypothetical protein YOR147w
YDR504c            similarity to hypothetical T.brucei protein
YKL120w    OAC1    similarity to mitochondrial uncoupling proteins (MCF)
YOR301w    RAX1    similarity to S. pombe SPAC23G3.05c
YCR106w            similarity to transcription factor
YLR024c    UBR2    similarity to ubiquitin--protein ligase UBR1P
YLL053c            similarity to water channel proteins
YML034w    SRC1    similarity to YDR458c
YPL216w            similarity to YGL133w
YNL326c            similarity to YOL003c, YLR246w and C.elegans hypothetical protein ZK757.1
YDR366c            similarity to YOL106w and YER181c
YNL263c    YIF1    SLH1P Interacting Factor
YNL257c    SIP3    SNF1P protein kinase interacting protein
YGL055w    OLE1    stearoyl-CoA desaturase
YML125c            strong similarity to cytochrome-b5- and nitrate reductases
YBR210w            strong similarity to D.melanogaster cornichon protein
YKL218c    SRY1    strong similarity to E.coli and H.influenzae threonine dehydratases
YDR141c    DOP1    strong similarity to Emericella nidulans developmental regulatory gene, dopey (dopA)
YDR091c    RLI1    strong similarity to human RNase L inhibitor and M.jannaschii ABC transporter protein
YDR018c            strong similarity to hypothetical protein YBR042c
YOL162w            strong similarity to hypothetical protein YIL166c
YJL038c            strong similarity to hypothetical protein YJL037w
YGR004w            strong similarity to hypothetical protein YLR324w
YPL060w    LPE10   strong similarity to MRS2P
YGR131w            strong similarity to Nce2p
YJL222w    VTH2    strong similarity to PEP1P
YCL065w            strong similarity to probable membrane protein YCR041w
YBR302c    COS2    strong similarity to subtelomeric encoded proteins
YDL248w    COS7    strong similarity to subtelomeric encoded proteins
YFL062w    COS4    strong similarity to subtelomeric encoded proteins
YHL048w    COS8    strong similarity to subtelomeric encoded proteins
YJR161c    COS5    strong similarity to subtelomeric encoded proteins
YML132w    COS3    strong similarity to subtelomeric encoded proteins
YNL336w    COS1    strong similarity to subtelomeric encoded proteins
YIL173w    VTH1    strong similarity to VTH2P and PEP1P, potential membrane glycoprotein
YMR040w            strong similarity to YET1P
YLR324w            strong similarity to YGR004w
YLR350w            strong similarity to YGR038w
YML081w            strong similarity to ZMS1 protein
YNL172w    APC1    subunit of anaphase-promoting complex (cyclosome)
YBL011w    SCT1    suppresses a choline-transport mutant
YOR162c    YRR1    transcription factor
YPL082c    MOT1    transcriptional accessory protein
YIR023w    DAL81   transcriptional activator for allantoin and GABA catabolic genes
YGR184c    UBR1    ubiquitin-protein ligase
YBR041w    FAT1    very long-chain fatty acyl-CoA synthetase
YLR426w            weak similarity to 3-oxoacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase from E. coli
YKL071w            weak similarity to A.parasiticus nor-1 protein
YIL049w    DFG10   weak similarity to C.elegans hypothetical protein F42F12.3
YKL037w            weak similarity to C.elegans ubc-2 protein
YNR063w            weak similarity to CYC1/CYP3 transcription activator
YNL109w            weak similarity to cytochrome-c oxidase
YDR411c            weak similarity to DER1P
YJR118c    ILM1    weak similarity to Helicobacter pylori UreD protein
YDL063c            weak similarity to human estrogen-responsive finger protein
YBR075w            weak similarity to hypothetical protein S. pombe
YDL089w            weak similarity to hypothetical protein S. pombe
YNR061c            weak similarity to hypothetical protein YDL218w
YBR168w            weak similarity to hypothetical protein YLR324w
YDL072c            weak similarity to hypothetical protein YMR040w
YOL047c            weak similarity to hypothetical proteins YAL018c and YOL048c
YHR197w            weak similarity to PIR:T22172 hypothetical protein F44E5.2 C. elegans
YGR089w            weak similarity to rat tropomyosin
YDR089w            weak similarity to Streptococcus transposase
YOR086c            weak similarity to synaptogamines
YBR033w            weak similarity to transcription factors
YLR266c            weak similarity to transcription factors
YGL020c            weak similarity to TRCDSEMBL:SPBC543_10 putative coiled-coil protein S. pombe
YDR479c            weak similarity to YHR150w
YPL257w            weak similarity to YIL029c
YGL198w            weak similarity to YIP1P
YOR228c            weak similarity to YNR013c
YKL065c    YET1    Yeast endoplasmic reticulum 25 kDa transmembrane protein