Yeast - ORFs with 4 predicted transmembrane domain


YBR183w    YPC1    Alkaline Ceramidase
YPL087w    YDC1    alkaline dihydroceramidase
YPL270w    MDL2    ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter family member
YLR188w    MDL1    ATP-binding cassette transporter family member
YMR301c    ATM1    ATP-binding cassette transporter protein, mitochondrial
YMR308c    PSE1    beta karyopherin
YER026c    CHO1    CDP-diacylglycerol serine O-phosphatidyltransferase
YBR136w    MEC1    cell cycle checkpoint protein
YHR099w    TRA1    component of the Ada-Spt transcriptional regulatory complex
YER141w    COX15   cytochrome oxidase assembly factor
YDR284c    DPP1    diacylglycerol pyrophosphate phosphatase
YDL212w    SHR3    endoplasmatic reticulum membrane protein
YDR410c    STE14   farnesyl cysteine carboxyl-methyltransferase
YCR034w    FEN1    fatty acid elongase required for sphingolipid formation
YDR302w    GPI11   GPI11 - protein involved in glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) biosynthesis
YEL027w    CUP5    H+-ATPase V0 domain 17 KD subunit, vacuolar
YPL234c    TFP3    H+-ATPase V0 domain 17 KD subunit, vacuolar
YCL058c    FYV5    hypothetical protein
YDL133w            hypothetical protein
YFR042w            hypothetical protein
YGR134w    CAF130  hypothetical protein
YHR140w            hypothetical protein
YNL080c            hypothetical protein
YML104c    MDM1    intermediate filament protein
YCR075c    ERS1    intracellular protein transport protein
YLR436c    ECM30   involved in cell wall biogenesis and architecture
YLR443w    ECM7    involved in cell wall biogenesis and architecture
YCR044c    PER1    involved in manganese homeostasis
YGR100w    MDR1    MAC1P interacting protein
YMR292w    GOT1    Membrane protein required for ER to Golgi transport
YMR177w    MMT1    mitochondrial gene involved in iron uptake
YJL004c    SYS1    multi copy suppressor of YPT6
YML019w    OST6    N-oligosaccharyltransferase complex subunit
YJL039c    NUP192  nucleoporin localize at the inner site of the nuclear membrane
YAL051w    OAF1    peroxisome proliferating transcription factor
YLR246w    ERF2    protein involved in palmitoylation and localization of RAS2P
YAL064w-b          questionable ORF
YDR053w            questionable ORF
YGL024w            questionable ORF
YGR114c            questionable ORF
YKR040c            questionable ORF
YLR458w            questionable ORF
YNL228w            questionable ORF
YPR123c            questionable ORF
YMR063w    RIM9    regulator for sporulation and invasive growth
YGR062c    COX18   required for activity of mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase
YCL001w    RER1    required for correct localization of SEC12P
YDR414c    ERD1    required for retention of luminal ER proteins
YFL054c            similarity to channel proteins
YDR100w            similarity to Dictyostelium development-specific membrane protein
YDR367w            similarity to hypothetical protein SPAC26H5.13c S. pombe
YDR126w    PSL10   similarity to hypothetical protein YLR246w and YOL003c
YJR054w            similarity to hypothetical protein YML047c
YHR133c            similarity to hypothetical protein YNL156c
YFR012w            similarity to hypothetical protein YOL019w
YGL010w            similarity to hypothetical S. pombe protein
YIL090w            similarity to hypothetical S. pombe protein
YOL129w            similarity to hypothetical S. pombe protein
YOR311c    HSD1    similarity to hypothetical S. pombe protein
YFL034w            similarity to hypothetical S. pombe protein and to C.elegans F35D11 protein
YKR096w            similarity to mitochondrial aldehyde dehydrogenase Ald1p
YHR181w            similarity to mouse TEG-261 protein
YOL079w            similarity to NADH dehydrogenases
YGR149w            similarity to PIR:T40675 hypothetical protein SPBC776.05 S. pombe
YOL019w    TOS7    similarity to RIM9P and YFR012w
YLR356w            similarity to SCM4 protein
YKL219w    COS9    similarity to subtelomeric encoded proteins
YML052w    SUR7    similarity to YDL222c and YNL194c
YLR454w            similarity to YPR117w
YJL134w    LCB3    sphingoid base-phosphate phosphatase
YDL222c            strong similarity to hypothetical protein YNL194c and similarity to YML052w
YNR070w            strong similarity to SNQ2P
YNR002c    FUN34   strong similarity to Y.lipolytica glyoxylate pathway regulator GPR1
YDR384c            strong similarity to Y.lipolytica GPR1 gene
YNL194c            strong similarity to YDL222c and similarity to SUR7P
YML047c    PRM6    strong similarity to YJR054w
YLR413w            strong similarity to YKL187c
YKR089c            strong similarity to YOR081c
YBL102w    SFT2    suppressor of SED5 ts mutants
YJR127c    ZMS1    transcription factor with similarity to regulatory protein ARD1P
YKL140w    TGL1    triacylglycerol lipase
YKL173w    SNU114  U5 snRNP-specific protein
YMR231w    PEP5    vacuolar biogenesis protein
YBR042c    CST26   weak similarity to 1-acyl-sn-glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase from Brassica napus
YGR101w            weak similarity to B.subtilis YqgP
YIL037c    PRM2    weak similarity to C. elegans F26G1.6 protease
YPR022c            weak similarity to fruit fly dorsal protein and SNF5P
YLR050c            weak similarity to human MAC30 C-terminus
YOL107w            weak similarity to human PL6 protein
YLR087c    CSF1    weak similarity to hypothetical protein D. melanogaster
YDL218w            weak similarity to hypothetical protein YNR061c
YAL018c            weak similarity to hypothetical proteins YOL047c and YOL048c
YGR016w            weak similarity to M.jannaschii hypothetical protein MJ1317
YPL246c            weak similarity to mouse proteinase activated receptor 2
YBL004w            weak similarity to Papaya ringspot virus polyprotein
YJR044c            weak similarity to putative transport protein YKR103w
YJL207c            weak similarity to rat omega-conotoxin-sensitive calcium channel alpha-1 subunit rbB-I
YNL115c            weak similarity to S.pombe hypothetical protein SPAC23C11
YKR064w            weak similarity to transcription factors
YLR414c            weak similarity to YLR413w
YDR459c            weak similarity to YNL326c
YPR028w    YIP2    Ypt-interacting protein