Yeast - ORFs with 5 predicted transmembrane domain


YBR029c    CDS1    CDP-diacylglycerol synthase
YPR164w    KIM3    drug resistance
YLR378c    SEC61   ER protein-translocation complex subunit
YJL196c    ELO1    fatty acid elongation protein
YLL043w    FPS1    glycerol channel protein
YOL081w    IRA2    GTPase-activating protein for RAS proteins
YHR026w    PPA1    H+-ATPase 23 KD subunit, vacuolar
YMR054w    STV1    H+-ATPase V0 domain 102 KD subunit, not vacuolar
YML066c    SMA2    hypothetical protein
YDL149w    APG9    integral membrane protein required for Cvt and autophagy transport
YOL013c    HRD1    involved in degradation of HMG2P
YGR197c    SNG1    involved in nitroguanidine resistance
YDR503c    LPP1    lipid phosphate phosphatase
YPL147w    PXA1    long-chain fatty acid transporter
YHL003c    LAG1    longevity-assurance protein
YDR536w    STL1    member of the sugar permease family
YOR085w    OST3    oligosaccharyltransferase gamma subunit
YOR149c    SMP3    protein kinase C pathway protein
YBR040w    FIG1    required for efficient mating
YGR216c    GPI1    required for N-acetylglucosaminyl phosphatidylinositol synthesis
YNL305c            similarity to C-term. of A.nidulans regulatory protein (qutR)
YJR013w            similarity to C.elegans B0491.1 protein
YKR051w            similarity to C.elegans hypothetical protein
YLR047c            similarity to hypothetical protein YGL160w
YBR207w    FTH1    similarity to Iron permease FTR1P (YER145c)
YHL008c            similarity to M.formicicum formate dehydrogenase
YIL023c            similarity to mouse MHC H-2K/t-w5-linked ORF precursor
YER140w            similarity to PIR:T39406 hypothetical protein S. pombe
YPR192w    AQY1    similarity to plasma membrane and water channel proteins
YNL279w    PRM1    similarity to S. pombe coiled-coil protein of unknown function
YOR093c            similarity to S.pombe hypothetical protein SPAC22F3.04
YLR023c            similarity to S.pombe hypothetical protein SPAC30D11.11
YNL008c            similarity to YMR119w
YMR119w            similarity to YNL008c
YLR372w    SUR4    sterol isomerase, fatty acid elongase
YLL051c    FRE6    strong similarity to ferric reductase FRE2P
YBR054w    YRO2    strong similarity to HSP30 heat shock protein Yro1p
YBR147w            strong similarity to hypothetical protein YOL092w
YLR046c            strong similarity to RTA1P and Rtm1p protein
YJR015w            strong similarity to SNG1P
YCR010c    ADY2    strong similarity to Y.lipolytica GPR1 protein and FUN34P
YOR390w            strong similarity to YPL279c
YPL279c            strong similarity, nearly identical to YOR390w
YAL067c    SEO1    suppressor of sulfoxyde ethionine resistance
YBL088c    TEL1    telomere length control protein
YIL129c    TAO3    Transcriptional Activator of OCH1
YKR026c    GCN3    translation initiation factor eIF2B, 34 KD, alpha subunit
YDR319c            weak similarity to ARE2P
YJL109c            weak similarity to ATPase DRS2P
YKR088c            weak similarity to b.subtilis spore germination protein II
YOR088w            weak similarity to human calcium influx channel
YPL244c    HUT1    weak similarity to human UDP-galactose transporter related isozyme 1
YPL162c            weak similarity to hypothetical protein B14D6.530 S. pombe
YMR010w            weak similarity to hypothetical protein YDR352w
YDR413c            weak similarity to NADH dehydrogenase
YKR030w            weak similarity to NADH dehydrogenases
YJR117w    STE24   zinc metallo-protease