Yeast - ORFs with 6 predicted transmembrane domain


YKL188c    PXA2    ABC transporter, peroxisomal
YNR019w    ARE2    acyl-CoA sterol acyltransferase
YJR152w    DAL5    allantoate permease
YKL004w    AUR1    aureobasidin-resistance protein
YNL280c    ERG24   C-14 sterol reductase
YBR038w    CHS2    chitin synthase II
YBR023c    CHS3    chitin synthase III
YOR316c    COT1    cobalt accumulation protein
Q0275      COX3    cytochrome-c oxidase chain III
Q0085      ATP6    F1F0-ATPase complex, FO A subunit
YKL182w    FAS1    fatty-acyl-CoA synthase, beta chain
YJR031c    GEA1    GDP/GTP exchange factor for ARF
YGR289c    MAL11   general alpha-glucoside permease
YOR270c    VPH1    H+-ATPase V0 domain 95K subunit, vacuolar
YCR021c    HSP30   heat shock protein
YCR028c    FEN2    high affinity H+/pantothenate symporter
YGL255w    ZRT1    high-affinity zinc transport protein
YIL067c            hypothetical protein
YOR030w    DFG16   involved in invasive growth upon nitrogen starvation
YER145c    FTR1    iron permease that mediates high-affinity iron uptake
YLR130c    ZRT2    low affininty zinc transporter
YMR319c    FET4    low affinity Fe(II) iron transport protein
YDR072c    IPT1    mannosyl diphosphorylinositol ceramide synthase
YNL219c    ALG9    mannosyltransferase
YJL059w    YHC3    may function as a chaperone, similarity to human Batten disease-related protein CLN3
YDR033w    MRH1    membrane protein related to HSP30P
YMR274c    RCE1    modulator of RAS2P
YML031w    NDC1    nuclear envelope protein
YML103c    NUP188  nuclear pore protein
YGR157w    CHO2    phosphatidylethanolamine N-methyltransferase
YKL008c    LAC1    protein required with LAG1P for ER-to-Golgi transport of GPI-anchored proteins
YER060w-a  FCY22   purine/cytosine permease with similarity to FCY2P
YGR199w    PMT6    putative mannosyltransferase
YKL083w            questionable ORF
YKL038w    RGT1    regulator of glucose-induced genes
YBR220c            similarity to human acetyl-coenzyme A transporter
YJL097w            similarity to hypothetical C. elegans protein T15B7.2
YKL014c            similarity to hypothetical protein SPCC14G10.02 S. pombe
YLR106c            similarity to Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpes-like virus ORF73 homolog gene
YBR187w            similarity to mouse putative transmembrane protein FT27
YGR284c    ERV29   similarity to mouse Surf-4 protein
YNL297c    MON2    similarity to S.pombe hypothetical protein SPAC23D3.13c
YJL193w            similarity to SLY41P
YNL294c            similarity to TRCDSEMBL:AF152926_1 palH Emericella nidulans
YPR114w            similarity to YJR116w
YOL101c            similarity to YOL002c and YDR492w
YKR069w    MET1    siroheme synthase
YGL012w    ERG4    sterol C-24 reductase
YOR381w    FRE3    strong similarity to ferric reductase FRE2P
YNR060w    FRE4    strong similarity to FRE2P, and similarity to FRE1P
YKL187c            strong similarity to hypothetical protein YLR413w
YEL004w    YEA4    strong similarity to K.lactis golgi uridine diphosphate-N-acetylglucosamine transporter
YOL092w            strong similarity to YBR147w
YBR086c    IST2    weak similarity to calcium and sodium channel proteins
YKL051w            weak similarity to hypothetical protein S. pombe
YMR034c            weak similarity to YPR201w
YDR090c            weak similarity to YRO2 protein
YMR243c    ZRC1    zinc- and cadmium resistance protein