Yeast - ORFs with 7 predicted transmembrane domain


YGR121c    MEP1    ammonia permease of high capacity and moderate affinity
YDR264c    AKR1    ankyrin repeat-containing protein
YNL192w    CHS1    chitin synthase I
YHR142w    CHS7    control of protein export from the ER (like chitin synthase III)
YNL130c    CPT1    diacylglycerol cholinephosphotransferase
YHR032w    ERC1    ethionine resistance protein
YDL035c    GPR1    G-protein coupled receptor
YOR002w    ALG6    glucosyltransferase
YCR098c    GIT1    glycerophosphoinositol transporter
YML123c    PHO84   high-affinity inorganic phosphate/H+ symporter
YGR213c    RTA1    involved in 7-aminocholesterol resistance
YOR034c    AKR2    involved in constitutive endocytosis of STE3P
YNR055c    HOL1    member of major facilitator superfamily multidrug-resistance protein subfamily 1
YIL047c    SYG1    member of the major facilitator superfamily
YOR079c    ATX2    multicopy suppressor of SOD-linked defects
YPL076w    GPI2    N-acetylglucosaminyl-phosphatidylinositol biosynthetic protein
YAL026c    DRS2    P-type amino-phospholipids-ATPase
YKL178c    STE3    pheromone a-factor receptor
YFL026w    STE2    pheromone alpha-factor receptor
YGR065c    VHT1    plasma membrane H+-biotin symporter
YDR270w    CCC2    probable copper-transporting ATPase
YER060w    FCY21   purine-cytosine permease
YLR088w    GAA1    required for attachment of GPI anchor onto proteins
YOR307c    SLY41   secretory pathway protein
YIL166c            similarity to allantoate permease DAL5P
YLR004c            similarity to allantoate transport protein
YMR162c            similarity to ATPases
YOL152w    FRE7    similarity to FRE1P and FRE2P
YDL231c    BRE4    similarity to hypothetical protein SPAC26F1.08c S. pombe
YGL160w            similarity to hypothetical protein YLR047c and FRE2P
YDR307w            similarity to PMT1P, PMT2P, PMT3P and PMT5P
YBR004c            similarity to S.pombe hypothetical protein SPAC18B11.05
YML038c    YMD8    similarity to vanadate resistance protein GOG5P, member of the triose phosphate translocater family of membrane transporters
YEL064c            similarity to YBL089w
YOR049c            similarity to YER185w, RTA1P
YLR152c            similarity to YOR3165w and YNL095c
YHR123w    EPT1    sn-1,2-diacylglycerol ethanolamine- and cholinephosphotransferase
YOR378w            strong similarity to aminotriazole resistance protein
YOR384w    FRE5    strong similarity to ferric reductase FRE2P
YDR438w            strong similarity to hypothetical protein YML018c
YDR492w            strong similarity to hypothetical protein YOL002c
YJR160c            strong similarity to MAL31P
YER185w            strong similarity to Rtm1p
YKR067w    GPT2    strong similarity to SCT1P
YDL247w            strong similarity to sugar transport proteins
YER039c    HVG1    strong similarity to vanadate resistance protein GOG5P
YOL002c            strong similarity to YDR492w and S.pombe hypothetical protein
YPL264c            strong similarity to YMR253c
YLR237w    THI7    thiamin transport protein
YGL195w    GCN1    translational activator
Q0105      COB     ubiquinol-cytochrome-c reductase subunit (cytochrome B)
YKL175w    ZRT3    vacuolar membrane protein involved in the regulation of zinc storage
YJR040w    GEF1    voltage-gated chloride channel protein
YNR062c            weak similarity to H.influenzae L-lactate permease (lctP) homolog
YFL007w    BLM3    weak similarity to Mms19p