Yeast - ORFs with 8 predicted transmembrane domain


YLR450w    HMG2    3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase 2
YCR048w    ARE1    acyl-CoA sterol acyltransferase
YGL167c    PMR1    Ca2+-transporting P-type ATPase
YBR036c    CSG2    calcium dependent regulatory protein
YLR459w    CDC91   cell division control protein
YKR053c    YSR3    dihydrosphingosine-1-phosphate phosphatase
YJR143c    PMT4    dolichyl-phosphate-mannose--protein O-mannosyl transferase
YKR054c    DYN1    dynein heavy chain, cytosolic
YKL220c    FRE2    ferric (and cupric) reductase
YLR214w    FRE1    ferric (and cupric) reductase
YGL225w    GOG5    GDP-mannose transporter into the lumen of the Golgi
YJL219w    HXT9    hexose transport protein
YNL142w    MEP2    high affinity low capacity ammonia permease
YBR294w    SUL1    high-affinity sulfate transport protein
YGR191w    HIP1    histidine permease
YBR140c    IRA1    inhibitory regulator protein of the ras-cyclic AMP pathway
YPR201w    ARR3    involved in arsenite transport
YOR092w    ECM3    involved in cell wall biogenesis and architecture
YBR298c    MAL31   maltose permease
YAL023c    PMT2    mannosyltransferase
YBL082c    RHK1    mannosyltransferase
YOR321w    PMT3    mannosyltransferase
YDR011w    SNQ2    multidrug resistance protein
YDR456w    NHX1    NA+-H+ antiporter
YDL093w    PMT5    O-mannosyltransferase similarity to PMT1P-PMT4P
YEL031w    SPF1    P-type ATPase
YBR295w    PCA1    P-type Cu2+-transporting ATPase
YJL129c    TRK1    potassium transport protein TRK1P, high-affinity
YER056c    FCY2    purine-cytosine permease
YMR173w-a          questionable ORF
YOL075c            similarity to A.gambiae ATP-binding-cassette protein
YGR260w    TNA1    similarity to allantoate transport protein
YBR043c            similarity to benomyl/methotrexate resistance protein
YKL100c            similarity to C.elegans hypothetical protein
YLL055w            similarity to DAL5P
YNL275w            similarity to human band 3 anion transport protein
YKL033w            similarity to hypothetical protein S. pombe
YBR287w            similarity to hypothetical S. pombe protein
YHR048w            similarity to multidrug resistance proteins
YNL065w    BZR1    similarity to resistance proteins
YPR194c    OPT2    similarity to S.pombe isp4 protein
YOR071c            strong similarity to  Thi10p
YGL139w            strong similarity to hypothetical protein YPL221w
YJL108c    PRM10   strong similarity to hypothetical S. pombe protein
YIL170w    HXT12   strong similarity to sugar transport proteins
YOR192c            strong similarity to Thi10p
YNL095c            strong similarity to YOR092w
YMR253c            strong similarity to YPL264c
YDL138w    RGT2    suppressor of SNF3 mutant
YNR039c    ZRG17   weak similarity to Anopheles mitochondrial NADH dehydrogenase subunit 2
YMR155w            weak similarity to E.coli hypothetical protein f402
YCR023c            weak similarity to E.coli tetracycline resistance protein TCR1
YJL091c            weak similarity to human G protein-coupled receptor
YKL034w            weak similarity to YOL013c