Yeast - ORFs with 9 predicted transmembrane domain


YML075c    HMG1    3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase 1
YEL063c    CAN1    amino acid permease
YCL025c    AGP1    asparagine and glutamine permease
YDR406w    PDR15   ATP-binding cassette transporter family member
YCR011c    ADP1    ATP-dependent permease
YGL006w    PMC1    Ca2+-transporting P-type ATPase
YGL077c    HNM1    choline permease
YMR013c    SEC59   dolichol kinase
YPR198w    SGE1    drug resistance protein
YDR457w    TOM1    E3 ubiqitin ligase required for G2/M transition
YHL040c    ARN1    ferrichrome-type siderophore transporter
YDL210w    UGA4    GABA-specific high-affinity permease
YFL011w    HXT10   hexose transporter
YDL194w    SNF3    high-affinity glucose transporter/regulatory protein
YDR508c    GNP1    high-affinity glutamine permease
YEL069c    HXT13   high-affinity hexose transporter
YHR078w            hypothetical protein
YAL022c    FUN26   intracellular membrane protein involved in nucleoside transport
YNR030w    ECM39   involved in cell wall biogenesis and architecture
YBR283c    SSH1    involved in co-translational pathway of protein transport
YGR227w    DIE2    ITR1 expression promoting protein
YOL156w    HXT11   low affinity glucose transport protein
YPR138c    MEP3    low affinity high capacity ammonium permease
YOL122c    SMF1    manganese transporter
YDL095w    PMT1    mannosyltransferase
YJR158w    HXT16   member of the hexose transporter family of the major facilitator superfamily [MFS]
YKL039w    PTM1    member of the major facilitator superfamily
YKR050w    TRK2    moderate-affinity potassium transport protein
YOL103w    ITR2    myo-inositol permease, minor
YBR296c    PHO89   Na+-coupled phosphate transport protein, high affinity
YDR040c    ENA1    P-type ATPase involved in Na+ and Li+ efflux
YDR038c    ENA5    P-type ATPase involved in Na+ efflux
YDR039c    ENA2    P-type ATPase involved in Na+ efflux
YKR093w    PTR2    peptide transporter
YOR153w    PDR5    pleiotropic drug resistance protein
YHR050w    SMF2    probable manganese transporter
YJL062w    LAS21   required for addition of a side chain to the glycosylphospatidylinositol (GPI) core structure
YGL142c    GPI10   required for Glycosyl Phosphatdyl Inositol synthesis
YMR266w    RSN1    similarity to A.thaliana hyp1 protein
YOL084w    PHM7    similarity to A.thaliana hyp1 protein
YER166w            similarity to ATPase P.falciparum ATPase 2
YER113c            similarity to EMP70P
YDR338c            similarity to ERC1P
YBR241c            similarity to glucose transport proteins
YGL084c    GUP1    similarity to GUP2P - putative glycerol transporter
YDL054c            similarity to hypothetical protein C. albicans
YGL186c            similarity to hypothetical protein FCY21P and weak similarity to FCY2 protein
YLR241w            similarity to hypothetical S.pombe protein SPAC2G11.09
YOL119c            similarity to monocarboxylate transporter proteins
YBR293w            similarity to multidrug resistance proteins
YDR093w            similarity to P.falciparum ATPase 2
YKL010c    UFD4    similarity to rat ubiquitin ligase Nedd4
YML018c            similarity to YDR438w
YCR061w            similarity to YTP1
YOR011w    AUS1    strong similarity to ATP-dependent permeases
YCL069w            strong similarity to drug resistance protein SGE1
YDR107c            strong similarity to EMP70 protein
YDL245c    HXT15   strong similarity to HXT17P and HXT7P
YAL053w            strong similarity to hypothetical proteins YOR365c,YGL139w,YPL221w
YHL017w            strong similarity to PTM1P
YLR034c    SMF3    strong similarity to SMF2 protein and S.pombe hypothetical protein
YCL073c            strong similarity to subtelomeric encoded proteins
YPL221w    BOP1    strong similarity to YGL139w and YAL053w
YNR072w    HXT17   sugar transport protein
YLR092w    SUL2    sulfate transporter
YPL092w    SSU1    sulfite sensitivity protein
YDR160w    SSY1    transcriptional regulator of several transporter genes
YBR021w    FUR4    uracil permease
YDR046c    BAP3    valine transporter
YIL088c            weak similarity to A.thaliana aminoacid permease AAP4
YGL140c            weak similarity to Lactobacillus putative histidine protein kinase SppK
YJR124c            weak similarity to Staphylococcus multidrug resistance protein