Yeast - Cellular localization of AAA proteins


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See Patel,S. and Latterich,M.
The AAA team: related ATPases with diverse functions.
Trends in Cell Biology 8:65-71 (1998)

Figure 3: Cellular localization of AAA proteins.

Many AAA proteins depicted here are associated with membranes of various organelles. Proteins such as Afg2p have been identified only as cytosolic, whereas others, such as Cdc48p and NSF, are thought to cycle between the cytosol and organellar or vesicular membranes. NSF is known to participate in multiple vesicle-transport steps along the secretory pathway. AAA metalloproteases are localized to mitochondria and chloroplasts in eukaryotes. The proteasome complex has been found to be a nuclear as well as cytosolic component.

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