- The Transcription Factor Database

TRANSFAC is a database on eukaryotic cis-acting regulatory DNA elements and trans-acting factors Matys V,et al. 2003. The here presented searchable part of TRANSFAC made accessible for the yeast community covers only the yeast entries. To access the full database please visit the TRANSFAC site. The database consists of 5 entry types:
The entries are interlinked to each other types and additional references are linked to EMBL/SwissProt/PIR (DNA/Protein sequences) and PubMed(Literature). You can search the dataset by pre-defined queries e.g. for a certain transcription factor or across all fields by using the 'All_text' option.

Search TRANSFAC data for
Please type in according to demand a TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR, a target GENE name or free text!

Or do your custom query using the interface. Select 'Build new query' and choose the databank /Comprehensive_Yeast_Genome_DB/TRANSFAC/. HELP!

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